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Hi there! I am a member of the research staff at Numenta. We are applying principles of neuroscience to the world of computer algorithms to create intelligent systems.

Check out my recent episode on the Data Science at Home podcast where I discuss neuroscience, computer algorithms, and their interplay. (Also available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.)

Published Work

  • Avoiding Catastrophe: Active Dendrites Enable Multi-Task Learning in Dynamic Environments
    Abhiram Iyer, Karan Grewal, Akash Velu, Lucas O. Souza, Jeremy Forest, Subutai Ahmad.
    Frontiers in Neurorobotics, 2022.

  • Exploring the Structure of Human Adjective Representations
    Karan Grewal, Joshua C. Peterson, Bill Thompson, Thomas L. Griffiths.
    NeurIPS 2021 workshop on Shared Visual Representations in Human & Machine Intelligence.

  • Chaining Algorithms and Historical Adjective Extension
    Karan Grewal, Yang Xu.
    Computational Approaches to Semantic Change, 2021.

  • Chaining and Historical Adjective Extension
    Karan Grewal, Yang Xu.
    CogSci 2020.

  • Learning Deep Representations by Mutual Information Estimation and Maximization
    R Devon Hjelm, Alex Fedorov, Samuel Lavoie, Karan Grewal, Phil Bachman, Adam Trischler, Yoshua Bengio.
    ICLR 2019.

  • Variance Regularizing Adversarial Learning
    Karan Grewal, R Devon Hjelm, Yoshua Bengio.
    ICML 2017 workshop on Implicit Generative Models.


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The MISE Foundation aims to expose bright high school students in Ghana to the latest developments in STEM fields. At one of their recent annual summer programs, I served as a research mentor and led a select group of students through a project on designing algorithms to generate human face sketches. We also had long discussions about the ethics of such technology as its uses are highly controversial today. I hope my efforts will motivate these students to one day become leaders in these fields and transform the global R&D landscape.